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How Retail Management Software is Changing Customer Service

Employees dealing face-to-face with customers will often know their customers by name or at the very least by face. They may even know more like a customer’s favourite drink or regular customers clothing size. When I was working in retail I would always put aside a few of the hard to find smaller sizes of capri pants for when one of our regular customers would come in. Without fail she would always buy a pair.  Being able to predict and tailor an experience to a customer is good customer service. When I inevitably left the company (both retail and hospitality have a high staff turn-over) that knowledge was lost.

Likewise at the coffee shop I get my daily fix from, the lady behind the counter automatically makes my large caramel latte without any exchange being needed. Not only does this make me feel special but it also creates customer loyalty.

Starbucks have realised this potential and have started a campaign for all their baristas to ask for the customer’s name on the order. They hope that this will create familiarity and help to retain customers, which is a lot easier to do than recruiting new ones.

Not only can this enriched customer experience be implemented on a face to face level but it can also be implemented online, helping your business to create better marketing campaigns and more effective targeting of consumers.

With more businesses interacting with consumers online harnessing customer preferences and information to create a unique experience for that particular customer based on their wants and needs should be at the forefront of every business, at any level. A customer relations management solution (CRM) helps to enrich the customer experience.

With customers online there is more opportunities to gather information on their preferences, allowing business to provide personal experiences at the right time.
CRM data that can group your clients by age, demographic, interest and engagement enables business to target customers with a personal experience at a time when they are more likely to convert.

Retail management software enables businesses to provide focused customer service that enriches the experience for the customer turning them from an occasional customer to a loyal customer to an advocate of the brand.


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