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In business these days there are a huge number of tools to help you get your job done in the most efficient way and keep everything in the company running smoothly. While these tools share many names such as ERP or CRM what these tools actually do can very massively. While the core of a tool remains the same in principle, changes in the type of business, the size of the business and the complexity of the system can produce very unique solutions.

Take fashion ERP for example; for a small store fashion ERP will likely consist of a simple stock management tool tracking deliveries and stock amounts to help keep things flowing smoothly. On the flipside, a large chain store may have a stock management system integrated across all of their store locations and warehouses providing a centralised hub of information as well as managing fashion logistics between warehouses and retail outlets.

Taking it even further; where a company may do their own manufacturing and design work, ERP systems can help manage supplies to each of the factories, manage deadlines in the factories and keep logistics of the clothes flowing all the way to the shelves while keeping all of the designs for the clothing centralised as well. This can sometimes even go as far as to allow minor modifications to designs on the clothing inside the ERP system, saving time and money on the design process.

So the scale of an ERP system can be very small or incredibly large and complex, while in essence they are performing the same basic function; keeping track of stock and helping deliveries flow more smoothly.

For this reason, when picking business management systems for you company you need to be sure that you pick a system which can work well and grow with your company adapting to your company’s needs. After all, everybody wants to be able to grow their business and see it thrive, but if you get stuck with an ERP or CRM system which can’t grow and keep up with your business it can soon start to become a hindrance rather than a helper, at which point you will need to find a whole new system, which may be costly to migrate data to. A far simpler solution is to use a robust business management system such as Microsoft Dynamics which can grow and change with your business providing integrated CRM and ERP solutions exactly as you need them.


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