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Hedge Fund CRMs for Relationship and Marketing Management

Hedge fund CRM software gives hedge fund managers the ability to stay on top of current and future investors in the fund, improving their ability to manage investor relationship and market to new investors. With the ability to track, input and share data in real time throughout the business, businesses can react swiftly and decisively with the needs of their current and potential investors, allowing for a flexible approach that can boost efficiency and streamline processes.

Universal access to historic investor interaction allows departments to keep up to date with the latest investor information, cutting out the need for meeting after meeting, team briefing after team briefing. The old ways of investor management and contact lead to problems, increased downtime and lower efficiency. Brief notes scrawled out on a post-it in one employees drawer isn’t enough any more. We all know that the more we know about our clients, the better our communication and management of those relationships will be; the more responsive and profitable those relationships will be.

Automation and tracking can vastly improve investor relations, increasing the frequency of contact, ensuring everyone that needs to be contacted is at exactly the right time, with automated alerts and reminders.

Segmentation of investors into relevant groups can greatly improve the relevance of your communication with them. Email shots can be created that specifically target the needs of the investors in those segments. Relevant communication builds relationships better than generic one size fits all communications.

This is as true for investor relationship management as it is for hedge fund marketing – your marketing strategy can be segmented and automated to deliver relevant news, information and advice to potential investors as well as the company news, successes and health of the hedge fund as a whole. Getting the right marketing materials to the right potential investors is more important now than it ever has before, with the drop in value of hedge funds and investor reluctance to put money into hedge funds.

Hedge fund marketing software also gives the marketing department access to data detailing the success of each marketing effort, and future marketing campaigns can be shaped on historical successes and sent out to future investors. Tracking, reporting and analyzing the success of past campaigns can inform future success with marketing and improve your investor take up.

CRM software is beneficial in almost all aspects of business, and the same is true for the investment sector. Raising efficiency and improving the quality of relationships with your clients can streamline your workload, allowing you more time to work where it really matters.


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